About The Campbell River Beacon Club

The Beacon Club has three part-time staff. We are a registered non-profit society operated by a volunteer board of directors, which is comprised of half club members and half community members. Member range in age from 19 to 80+.

How to become a member

The Beacon Club is open to adults 19+ with on-going mental illnesses. The annual membership fee is $10. Please see your Mental Health and Substance Use Clinician for a membership application form. Or download both forms above. You don't have to be a client of mental health to be a club member. But you will need your family doctor, LPN, psychiatrist or other health professional to sign the confirmation for membership form, stating you have a mental illness.

Currently, under provincial Covid-19 protocols, we offer a light lunch and activity Tuesday - Friday from 11am - 2pm for up to 6 people indoors.  Activities include Yahtzee, Bingo, Boggle, Hangman and Wheel of Fortune, visiting, and music.  As the weather improves, lunches will be served outside and activities will include bean bag toss, the ladder game and more.

Pre COVID-19, the Beacon Club offered a variety of programs for the members, which they help choose by sharing their ideas at monthly members meetings. Outings include such things as horseback riding, hiking, beach days, concerts, festivals, visits to other Island clubhouses, monthly food bank trips and shopping at local thrift stores.

Activities include educational workshops (e.g. First Aid, Emergency Preparedness), in house bingo and movie matinees, shuffleboard/crib/pool/ping pong tournaments and celebrating special seasonal events (e.g. Christmas, Easter, Halloween). Members birthdays are celebrated at the end of each month with a cake.

We provide several avenues for members to express themselves artistically at the clubhouse. Many of our members are very talented artists and we display their paintings and other creations throughout the clubhouse. Clay Studio happens each Tuesday. We have jam sessions every second Friday when members play their own instruments and sing along with each other. And karaoke and dancing are popular activities at specials seasonal events.

The Beacon Club also gives members outlets for physical fitness and teaches them about good nutrition practices. The members learn about nutrition and budgeting as they help with meal preparation of Tuesday and Wednesday lunch and Friday dinner. We will often go on tours of local grocery stores with a dietitian and have special guests speakers at the clubhouse (e.g. a pharmacist speaking on vitamins and supplements).

The members can communicate with friends and family far and wide via the Internet on the two computers we provide for their use at the clubhouse. They also research job and business opportunities, write resumes and articles for the clubs newsletter, look up recipes, listen to music and read the news.

Besides being actively involved in the day-to-day operations via the members and board meetings, the club members also help with fundraisers and many are part of the Volunteer Incentive Program. Participants receive honorariums for helping in the kitchen, doing janitorial and office work and being club monitors when staff are not on duty.