Welcome to the Campbell River Beacon Club

Lighting the way to wellness…

There is no doubt that the Beacon Club, found on Campbell River’s island highway by the ocean, is indeed a beacon to its members.

There are two spacious rooms; the room one first enters with large windows lighting a lounge area with a carpet, coffee tables and a couch, behind the lounge area are tables and chairs on a practical and attractive wooden floor.

Pre-Covid 19, this was where members ate the hearty meals prepared in the adjoining room kitchen where staff members, often with help from members, whip up hot meals every day.  After eating, members could then hang out, read a variety of magazines, ‘Mindful’, ‘Popular Science’ ‘Visions’, visit with friends, play pool or participate in various activities.

The walls are decorated with paintings, both donated by community organizations and painted by Club members.  Today because of the Covid pandemic, the chairs are stacked on top of the tables and only 6 members are allowed per day.

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The Beacon Club is a local non-profit organization which has been supporting people with mental health issues for almost 25 years.

Its primary funder is the Vancouver Island Health Authority, Mental Health Services.  The space next door to the Beacon Club is now being renovated and will be adjoined to the existing Club to provide more space for the ever growing membership.  Once opened, hopefully in July, the larger space will provide a large dining area, two programming rooms, a quiet room for those needing to escape for a few moments, a billiards room and a lounge.

Before Covid, the present two-roomed building usually hums with the conversation and live music-playing of up to 30 members; it’s a crowded scene.  Another space the same size would give everyone a bit more breathing room and accommodate more members.

There is a great need for spaces like the Beacon Club where people who are often vulnerable and ill-equipped to deal with too many people, or too much noise or stress, can safely be.

All the members have been diagnosed with mental illness and recommended to The Club by their support worker in Mental Health.


The Beacon Club is open for coffee and lunch Tuesday  - Friday from 11am to 2pm for up to six (6) members at a time.  Please call before coming to ensure there is an available seat!

All people entering the club are required to sanitize their hands and double mask using the supplies immediately outside our door.  Other than to go to the washroom, we ask members to stay in a seat assigned to minimize contact with others.  And, if you have been out of the country in the past two weeks, have been exposed to someone with corona virus, or are sick, we are asking that you do not enter the Club House.

What you can do to stay healthy is:

Wash your hands constantly, cut your fingernails – long fingernails are traps for germs

Get out and get some exercise – fresh air is good for your mental and physical health

Keep 6 feet away from others

Know that we love all of you and want you to stay healthy so we can see your smiling faces in a few days!